Manchester trio DeLix where formed in 2011. David and Johnny have been friends since childhood and after many years in a plethora of eclectic projects the pair found themselves starting a fresh venture hoping to blend their talents and ideas to cultivate something fresh.

In 2012 Olivia was recruited through a mutual friend for vocals / keys and after several releases during 2012/13 have had features / interviews with the BBC, features in Parisian blog Sodwee, Miami blog Off the Radar and NY radio station KBYD and are in the midst of (finally) piecing together a live show.

DeLix are:
Johnny – Bass / Keys / Beats and Pieces
Olivia – Vocals / Keys
David – Beats / Bass / Keys / Vocals / Stuff and Things

All songs are written / performed and finished by DeLix. Videos / Photography is produced by Pablo Bueno Melchor.
Due to the range of sounds DeLix also refers to DLX which is seen as the more electro side to the sound of DeLix. We hope you enjoy!


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